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Mitsudenshi will take care of “Precision Plastic” “Mold making” “Industry machinery development and manufacture” and “Metal processing” instead of clients.



Mitsudenshi acquired the ISO 9001&14001 international standard certification.
Mitsudenshi created the system that doesn’t deliver defective products to clients under the management system in line with international standard.
Mitsudenshi always thinks how to deliver a sense of relief to clients.


Development capabilities

“ I want to make this kind of equipment”
“I want to make the equipment in small lots”
Mitsudenshi responds to such requests of clients.
Mitsudenshi is the development department of clients.
That is the vision of Mitsudenshi.


Manufacturing capabilities

Mitsudenshi creates automatic machine and jig and tool by self to achieve high quality and productivity.
Similarly, the entire company is working together to create production system with confidence to deliver high quality products to clients through Kaizen, 5S and small group activities.

About Us

I sincerely thank you for your continuous support for Mitsudenshi group.
Mitsudenshi was born in “Mitsu” of Okayama in March 1970.
At the beginning of establishment, Mitsudenshi started business from assembly and inspection of the machine.
After that, Mitsudenshi challenges precision plastic field, manufactures precision mold and simple mold, processes various mechanical parts, manufactures control equipment for industrial equipment, also currently is challenging the development of machine and medical equipment.
Mass production era will come to an end and the real optimization society comes
Mitsudenshi introduces the emerging technology including AI and robot in company and advances automation, also focuses on formation of human resources who think of them then create them and Mitsudenshi will continue to strive to help many people come with a forward-looking attitude for challenge.
Mitsudenshi is thinking of “passing the best baton to future through manufacturing” and working on that with colleagues.
Armed with “professional manufacturing” and “integrated production from development to manufacture” , Mitsudenshi would like to make up the company with colleagues together to pass the best baton to future by making effort to continue to study the emerging technology, teaching knowledge and skills from colleagues and continuing to grow day after day. 
CEO Kazuo Hitomi


Mitsudenshi makes contribution to manufacturing and the latest and best technology and service.
The entire company is working together to achieve the fixed date of delivery and high quality requested by clients.

●Precision plastic injection molding
●Precision plastic mold
●Simple mold/prototype mold
●Development and manufacture of machine and equipment

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